Probably the simplest when it comes to their form and yet very effective (also cost-effective) signage solution to promote your brand and company both indoors and outdoors. You choose the graphic design, colours, sizes and forms of the boards thus they can be easily adapted to existing visual identity plan of your company.

Dimensions & materials

The size of advertising signs and their parameters depend on your needs and your choice. Even the most extravagant ideas and unusual orders do not hinder us whatsoever – we carry out your order on time, always as planned and required. To achieve the perfect combination of durability, elegance and universality of use, your advertising sign can be manufactured from aluminium, composite panels and plastic. The signage foundation is painted, filmed and printed according to your specifications. You can choose virtually every eye-catching branding solution you decide to be the best for your promotional needs.

Available types

As a standard we design and manufacture the following types of advertising signs:

  • wall-mounted,

  • suspended,

  • free-standing,

  • single or double-sided,

  • lit or non lit.

Thanks to the materials used for their production, they are quite universal and can be used both indoors and outdoors.